This is me so far

In the middle of June this year (2016) I found a small lump, hard as a rock, in my right boob. It turned out to be a cancer tumor. In the middle of August it was taken out. They also found a micro-cancer in the sentinel nod. That micro-cancer is the reason to why I’m now going through chemo therapy. I will have my second treatment tomorrow.

I enjoy body building on a semi serious level. I don’t plan to ever compete, but I love what the training is doing to my body and my spirits. My plan is to work out as much as I can during chemo, and so far I’ve been able to stick to my plan.

I’m married to a wonderful man. He is my rock, my hero and my safe place. I’m a very lucky woman to have such support right beside me. Because of him I can relax and focus on getting through chemo and just continue being me. I have no worries about me getting well. No depressing thoughts, ever. I embrace life and it makes me happy to know that I can rise above with no effort. Life is a continuous journey, always new goals and new pleasures to achieve. And so it is!

In the family we have 4 children from the age of 19 to 4 years old. The two oldest girls live with us every other weekend and whenever they have more time such as school holidays and summer/Christmas break. They live about 45 minutes from Malmö in a town called Landskrona with their mother when they are not at ours. My daughter lives with us every other week and the littlest person, our son lives with us all day every day! All the children has taken my being diagnosed and treated for cancer in a good way. Only my 9 year old daughter has had some difficulties. We now se a family therapist for a couple of times, and hopefully she will find a way to comprehend and digest all the thoughts that goes around in her head.




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