Life after treatment


Well hello there!


This is me now. Happy, in love with life and everybody around me. Radiation was a walk in the park compared to chemo. I got maybe two episodes of tiredness and I’ve also been tired a couple of times after the treatment was finished. Nothing bad, I only needed to sleep and the next day it was over. I tan very easily, so that was what happened to the skin when radiated. Only my nipple got soar. It’s actually still healing, but overall a walk in the park.

I’ve got another month until I have to start thinking about work. I got very stressed out at the thought of getting back to work straight after treatment. I felt I deserved a break to really get back on my feet mentally. And the doctor agreed 🙂


I think I got away easy with this whole cancer-thing. I only once lost my mojo (back when they raised the dose to 100%) I’ve been able to work out almost as much as I’ve wanted. My body hasn’t changed for the worse, as I was afraid of. I read a lot of stories of people gaining huge amount of weight, feeling completely depressed and stuff like that. I suppose everybody react differently to the treatments, so I’m lucky. Even the anti-hormone tablets that I’m taking now (and 10 years on) is nothing. I have absolutely no side affects. Here I’ve read that people have both experienced tiredness and weight gain. Me, nothing. I’m just so lucky!

I’m also so lucky to have a supporting husband and parents and of course my wonderful children. I think my daughter might have been the one that’s been most affected by me being under treatment. She has had to take the back seat in favor of me resting and her little brother who needs more attention. But overall she has been the happy girl that she always is. It’s also been tough for my husband, but in a different way. He is the kind of man that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. He just goes into his zone and just gets things done. He really is amazing that way. But I know that he has been taking on more than he maybe wanted. Our life has been on pause and we’re both eager to move forward! I just want to say that I se and I appreciate it. <3

Another chapter to the books. Next thing for me is to look for a new job, as the temporary job I had is finished in the end of august. I’m looking forward to start a “normal” life, but to be honest, since I’ve been home for so long this is now normal for me. To be able to manage my time freely and having no stress about anything but family life! 😉 One thing I’m really looking forward to though is more money coming in and so is the rest of the family I’m sure! 😉

Love always,



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