Chemo therapy ✔️

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Just like giving birth is a different experience for every woman I believe chemotherapy is a different experience for everyone. I think I got away easy. I’m not saying that it’s been a walk in the park, just not a nightmare. As an adult (and not THAT old) and being reasonably fit I think you have a much better chance of coping with all the aches and pains. I also believe that as a retired dancer and lately a wannabe gym shark, I’m used to push my body through pain (not very good at it, but I know that a little pain won’t kill me).

I guess what I’m saying is: Stay healthy, keep fit. Because if you get diagnosed with cancer or some other serious illness, that’s not the time to start. You won’t make that change. It takes too much energy. When you go through a difficult phase in life I believe  it’s easier to try and maintain what you’ve already got than to change your habits while also battling whatever obstacles are in your way.

In a couple of weeks I have radiation to look forward to and together with 10 years of anti hormones I should be safe from any returning cancer cells to take a hold in my body. Fingers crossed.

Love Tess


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