Nej jag är ingen maratonlöpare…



No, I’ve never been a marathon person in anything. I don’t need instant gratification, but I like the finish line to be somewhere in sight to keep my spirits high. This prolonged treatment is taking its toll on my usual bright self.

I had my 7/9 treatment last Friday and the weekend has been spent watching Suits. I also had a strange fainting/low blood pressure last night. Dunno what that was, but I thought I was coming down with the stomach flu. But the nausea disappeared as soon as I layed down.

I suppose with only three treatments left I should se the finish line, but it’s not so much that I need the treatments to be over in order to feel better. The thing is that during all this time I’ve felt great. Accept for the short hospital visit I have been able to enjoy life and by that I mean work out and enjoy spending time with my family. Now when I’m not able to work out and don’t have the energy to play/be a present and engaging parent or wife. Life pretty much sucks. I know it’s only three treatments left, but that’s 6-7weeks!!! Oh yeah, they raised the dose from 80% to 100% last time, so that’s probably why I only bounced back the DAY before my next visit.

So that cheerful photo in the beginning is not quite telling the whole truth… looks more like this (or worse… )


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